L'outil idéal pour assurer le pilotage séquentiel et sonore des exercices et dégager ainsi l’entraîneur des fastidieux coups de sifflets, afin qu'il puisse se consacrer exclusivement à l'animation de sa séance sans perdre de vue ses athlètes en action.
Looking back on 2022 (part2)

Looking back on 2022

Indeed, the year 2022 was an important period in Sportbeeper’s development, with several notable advances helping to strengthen its impact in the sports and fitness arena. In this article, we’ll take a look at the four key highlights of the year:

1. Winner of the Inosport competition

Participation in the Inosport competition was a significant milestone for Sportbeeper over the past year. Organized by the Pays Voironnais, this competition is a prestigious showcase for innovations in the field of sport. Sportbeeper Pro had the honor of being recognized and rewarded in the “Collective Equipment” category. Here’s a glimpse of this outstanding experience:

Innovation recognition: Participation in the Inosport competition highlighted the innovation and cutting-edge technology incorporated into the Sportbeeper Pro.
Increased visibility: By winning the “Collective Equipment” category, the Sportbeeper benefited from increased visibility within the sports industry.
Validation of quality and impact: Sportbeeper Pro’s recognition by the Inosport competition also served as a validation of the product’s quality and impact on the market.
Stimulation of growth and development: By winning this prestigious award, Sportbeeper has been encouraged to continue its development and explore new growth opportunities.

2. Retail website

In addition, The beginning of September marked a major turning point for our company with a significant change to our website. Indeed, we are proud to announce that since that date, our website has moved on to a new stage by becoming an e-commerce site. This major evolution now offers our customers the possibility of purchasing their Sportbeeper directly from our online platform, at the following address: https://sportbeeper.com/fr/boutique/.

This move to a merchant site represents a significant step forward in our commitment to making Sportbeeper more accessible to all sports and fitness enthusiasts. Now our customers have the convenience and simplicity of shopping online, where they can browse our product range, explore Sportbeeper’s features and place their order in just a few clicks.

3.Book on intermittents

In additionn, Georges Gacon (the designer of the Sportbeeper) and Hervé Assadi (one of our ambassadors) have published a book: L’entraînement en Sport, les exercices intermittents aspects scientifiques et pratiques.

The book takes a historical, scientific and empirical approach to defining intermittent exercise as precisely as possible.

It presents concrete technical solutions that can be used in the training of schoolchildren, male and female athletes of different levels and disciplines.

To purchase this book, please visit: https://sportbeeper.com/…/livre-objectif-staps…/

4 Outdoor Experts Forum

The Outdoor Experts Forum took place on October 18 at the Grenoble Convention Centre. This event has become an essential meeting place for reflection and experience sharing in the field of outdoor sports. Bringing together numerous experts, practitioners and enthusiasts from the sector, the forum offered a platform for enriching exchanges around round-table discussions on a variety of relevant themes.

In addition, As part of the Outdoor Experts Forum, Inosport, as organizer, also set up a showroom where various companies had the opportunity to present their innovations and products. It was in this context that the Sportbeeper was presented. Indeed, our team had the opportunity to showcase the Sportbeeper Pro, our flagship product, which offers an innovative solution for training and sports performance.

Indeed, our participation in the Outdoor Experts Forum was not limited to showcasing the Sportbeeper Pro. We were excited to also introduce a noteworthy publication titled “L’Entraînement en Sport: les Exercices Intermittents – Aspects Scientifiques et Pratiques”. This book, the outcome of a collaborative effort among experts in the field, delves deeply into the theoretical and practical dimensions of intermittent exercise.

Designed as a comprehensive resource, “L’Entraînement en Sport” offers insights into various aspects of intermittent exercise, ranging from the underlying scientific principles to practical applications in training regimes. Readers can expect to find detailed discussions on topics such as the physiological mechanisms behind intermittent exercise, the effectiveness of different training protocols, and strategies for integrating intermittent training into athletic development programs.

looking back on 2022