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Different types of intermittent exercise
intermittent exercise 30 30

We will first explain what intermittent exercise is and what it does. The term “intermittent” refers to something that stops and starts again at intervals. Intermittent exercises therefore consist of a repetition of more or less intense sequences interspersed with recovery sequences:

Passive (walking or standing)
Active (running at low intensity)

We will mention here several forms of intermittent exercise: short , long , pyramidal  and hill.


Short interval training

Short bursts should be based on approximately 100% of MAS. The best known intermittent exercise in running is the 30-30. This is a 30-second effort at 100% or 105% of MAS for the most trained. This type of training allows you to develop your MAS as well as your VO2 Max.


Short intermittent sessions

The long intermittent sessions are a complement to the short intermittent sessions. In contrast to the short interval sessions, the long interval sessions are generally run at around 95% of the MAS. This type of session allows you to work on your mind as well as your stamina and endurance.


Hill interval training

Hill interval training has many advantages:

Firstly, they allow you to work on your MAS as much as on the flat
In addition, this type of session naturally strengthens the thighs and calves. As you will be more muscular, sessions on the flat will seem easier.
It also improves stride efficiency.


Pyramid interval training

The principle of this type of training is to progressively increase the duration of effort with each new repetition and then return to the initial running duration. This type of session can work runners on short intermittent work as well as on long work in one training session.


In this video we see Sacha Cultru (800m runner, best French U23 performer in 2021) doing a 15s15s strength intermittent session. The effort-recovery is paced by the SportBeeper.

intermittent exercise 30 30