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History of intermittent MAS
historique VMAc

Intermittent MAS is rather a recent concept.The first time Speed was associated with VO2max was in 1984. The vVO2max was then the speed at which a person reached the V02max during an incremental test on a treadmill (Daniels &coll 1983). It can be calculated in different ways, namely

  • Through the relationship between running speed at sub-maximal paces and oxygen consumption
  • Equation of Di Prampero (1986): vVO2 max (m.min-1) = VO2max (ml.kg-1.min-1)/ Cr (ml.kg-1.m-1)
  • The speed reached at the end of a progressive and maximum stage.


MAS test on treadmill and field

Lacour et al demonstrated in 1991 that there are differences between the Vv02max obtained in a laboratory using a treadmill and the MAS obtained during a track test. According to Laiche et al, there may be significant differences between performing a MAS test on a treadmill and on the field. It will therefore be higher when tested on an indoor treadmill. External factors will thus play a role in making the test more complex and will lower the MAS compared to test on treadmill. Examples include wind, temperature and rain.  To compensate for this, it is advisable to raise the treadmill. This increase should be between 1 and 3%.


The birth of intermittent MAS testing

Berthoin advises to choose a field test. The best known are the VAMEVAL test and the Navette Léger Boucher test. The VMA can be seen as an indicator for the development of aerobic qualities. However, there were differences between the result of continuous MAS tests and the speed at which one has to run in intermittent tests in order to achieve maximum aerobic loading for a sufficiently long time for adaptation to take place. In order to obtain a speed adapted to intermittent exercise, intermittent MAS tests were developed. These should be distinguished from continuous MAS tests. The first intermittent triangular MAS test was the 45-15 test developed by Georges Gacon. Intermittent MAS is thus different from continuous MAS.

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historique VMAc