L'outil idéal pour assurer le pilotage séquentiel et sonore des exercices et dégager ainsi l’entraîneur des fastidieux coups de sifflets, afin qu'il puisse se consacrer exclusivement à l'animation de sa séance sans perdre de vue ses athlètes en action.
Use and tips on how to use the Sportbeeper PRO
webinar using Sportbeeper

use and tips on how to use the Sportbeeper Pro !

In this article, we will introduce you to the tips and use of the Sportbeeper Pro

A webinar on the use of the Sportbeeper was held on Friday 26 March 2021

Frédéric Gacon presented this field tool  on the facebook page CP preparation physique at the initiative of Cyrille Pindras (the creator of this page)

Frédéric Gacon is the co-designer of the Sportbeeper, physical trainer of SO Romorantin (french National 2) and Georges Gacon’s son (inventor of the first Sportbeeper, of the 45/15 test and of the 3.6 step). He worked for many Ligue 1 clubs.

Two guests also took part in this webinar. At the end, They were able to express their views on the sportbeeper :

  • Corenthin Cornet,
  • et Pierre Terzi.

Corenthin Cornet is the pysical trainer of Andrézieux-Bouthéon FC (French National 2) and Pierre Terzi of the French women’s Handball team

1.First of all,

Frédéric Gacon presented the Sportbeeper in detail and its features.

The settings, with their new features, were explained :

  • The ability to add or remove the countdown and the sigle start/end bip was highlighted 
  • Frédéric Gacon the explained the different aerobic tests,
  • As well as the various exercises found in the “training” section.
  • The sportbeeper countain continuous MAS test s including the VAMEVAL, Conconi and T4 ;  
  • but also intermittent MAS tests such as the 45-15 and the T2 Shuttle test.
  • It is advisable to use a continuous test for middle-distance running and an intermittent test for a sport that requires a change of pace (handball, football, basketball, etc.).
  • The focus was on the tab-odometer. This tool calculates and displays the distances to be covered for each event. There is no need to create an Excel file with all the distances.


During a live presentation, Cyrille Pindras gave the floor to Corenthin Cornet and Pierre Terzi to share their experiences with the use of the Sportbeeper. Having used the previous version of the Sportbeeper in the past, they have now adopted the new version and were able to highlight the benefits of the latter.

Corenthin Cornet shared his experience, highlighting the ease of use and increased user-friendliness of the new version of the Sportbeeper.  He highlighted the speed of setup and the accuracy of the data provided by the device, which allows him to maximize the effectiveness of his training sessions.

Pierre Terzi also expressed his satisfaction with the improvements made in the new version of the Sportbeeper. He highlighted the robustness of the device as well as its compatibility with a wide range of exercises and training programs. Additionally, it noted the improved connectivity and ease of integration with other devices and apps, allowing it to track and analyze its performance more thoroughly.

Overall, Corenthin Cornet and Pierre Terzi pointed out that the new version of the Sportbeeper offers an improved user experience and more advanced features compared to the previous version. These improvements have optimized their training, increased their motivation, and helped them achieve their athletic goals more effectively and efficiently.

3.To conclude,

Frédéric Gacon answered the different questions asked.

It sould be noted that the Sportbeeper is not just for the Football.

The different aerobics tests and the various exercises in the “training” menu make it possible to work in any sport but also in other fields (school environment, whether it is for the endurance cycle or the CA5 bodybuilding, the fire brigade, the gendarmerie, the sports coaches, …)

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And here is a replay of the webinar:

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webinar using Sportbeeper