L'outil idéal pour assurer le pilotage séquentiel et sonore des exercices et dégager ainsi l’entraîneur des fastidieux coups de sifflets, afin qu'il puisse se consacrer exclusivement à l'animation de sa séance sans perdre de vue ses athlètes en action.
sport rental from Sportbeeper

Sport rental from Sportbeeper!

Sportbeeper’s venture into sports rental marks a significant evolution in its business model, expanding beyond the sale of its products to offer a rental service. By launching the Sportbeeper PRO rental program, Sportbeeper positions itself as a pioneer in the sports rental industry. Let’s explore the implications and advantages of this strategic move:Sportbeeper launches Sportbeeper PRO rental .

1. 3 main reasons for choosing Sportbeeper.

The decision to opt for SportBeeper PRO sport rental offers several key advantages for potential users:

  1. Flexibility of duration:
    • Sport rental allows users to have the SportBeeper PRO at their disposal for a specific period of their choice, whether for intensive summer preparation or a winter conditioning phase. This flexibility enables them to maximize the use of the tool during the periods when it is most relevant to their training objectives.
  2. Test opportunity:
    • Many people are unfamiliar with all the features offered by SportBeeper PRO. Rental offers the ideal opportunity to discover and experience all the capabilities of this cutting-edge tool. By having the opportunity to test SportBeeper PRO, users can better assess how it can meet their specific training needs.
  3. Integration into Physical Preparation:
    • SportBeeper PRO is not just for professional clubs. It is an invaluable tool for any fitness trainer, whether amateur or professional. By offering rentals, SportBeeper aims to democratize access to this high-tech tool, enabling a wider range of trainers and athletes to benefit from its advantages.

In short, SportBeeper PRO rental offers users a unique opportunity to explore and take advantage of all the advanced features of this innovative training tool. From time flexibility to the opportunity to test your abilities, to its integration into your physical preparation, rental represents a practical and accessible approach to discovering and adopting SportBeeper PRO into their training routine.

2. 3 rental periods are available:

  • Firstly, you can rent the Sportbeeper PRO for 15 days. For example, you can use the Sportbeeper to perform a VMA test. The best-known are the VAMEVAL and the Gacon 45-15. What’s more, you’ll be able to preview the training libraries you can configure.
  • Sportbeeper PRO can also be rented for 1 month. During this period, you’ll have the opportunity to carry out a VMA test, as well as testing various customizable training libraries.
  • Finally, you can rent Sportbeeper for 2 months. With this rental, you’ll be able to perform the 2 VMA tests recommended at the start and end of your training. What’s more, during this period you’ll be able to perform all your intermittent exercises, such as 30s 30s, 15s 15s, as well as strength training and progressive steps/alleys.

Simplicity and security are at the heart of the SportBeeper PRO rental payment process. Thanks to the integration of a secure online payment system, based on a trusted platform such as Payzen, customers can carry out their transactions with complete peace of mind. Here’s how it works:

  1. Payment by credit card:
    • Payment for SportBeeper PRO rental is made conveniently and instantly by credit card. Customers can use their credit or debit card to pay for the rental online, greatly simplifying the process and eliminating the need to process payments in person or by other means.
  2. On Payzen Secure Platform:
    • Transaction security is a top priority. By using a reputable online payment platform like Payzen, customers can be confident that their financial information is protected. Payzen offers high security standards, such as data encryption and PCI DSS compliance, to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of payment data.

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