L'outil idéal pour assurer le pilotage séquentiel et sonore des exercices et dégager ainsi l’entraîneur des fastidieux coups de sifflets, afin qu'il puisse se consacrer exclusivement à l'animation de sa séance sans perdre de vue ses athlètes en action.

Présentation Pierre Terzi

The sportbeeper pro is a tool recognised by many specialists. As a result, we have a number of experts in the field. We have asked them some questions so that you can get to know them better. First, we start the presentations with Pierre Terzi. The first part can be summarised as a quick CV and the second is a Chinese portrait.

Quick CV

What diplomas have you obtained?

I obtained a DEUG and a licence in STAPS as well as the BEES 1 and 2 in handball and that in physical culture and bodybuilding. In addition, I also have the sports teacher with handball option and the CN 1st dan judo.

Which clubs did you take over?

I took charge of ASPTT Dijon Handball in the men’s N2 and N1B as a coach manager. I was also in charge of the JDA women’s handball as an assistant coach and physical trainer (formerly Cercle Dijon Bourgogne). I am also assistant coach in charge of physical preparation and programming for the French women’s handball team since 2016 (after a first period from 2002 to 2004).

Which recognised players have you dealt with (at club level or in individual preparation)?

The list is unfortunately too long

What was your best memory as a manager?

The 1/2 final and final of the European challenge cup for women in 2005 with Cercle Dijon Bourgogne

Can you describe your best moment as a physical trainer?

These are the 2003 World Championships in Croatia and the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo


Chinese portrait

If I was an animal: A squirrel
If I was a city : Dijjon
If I wash a dish : The bo bun
If I was a movie :  Le diner de cons
if I was a ritual : daily physical training
If I was an exercise : the rise of the ball
If I was a trainer : Maurice Houvion
If I was a handballer : Olafur Stefansson
If I was a sportman: Thierry Georgiou
If I was a  club  : AS Quetigny course d’orientation