L'outil idéal pour assurer le pilotage séquentiel et sonore des exercices et dégager ainsi l’entraîneur des fastidieux coups de sifflets, afin qu'il puisse se consacrer exclusivement à l'animation de sa séance sans perdre de vue ses athlètes en action.
Presentation by our Sportbeeper field experts to celebrate 1 year of Sportbeeper
Georges et Frédéric Gacon concepteurs du sportbeeper

sportbeeper Field expert:

It is with immense pride that we celebrate Sportbeeper’s first anniversary today! In just one year, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones and shared our passion for sport with hundreds of athletes around the world. With the sale of 200 Sportbeepers in different parts of the globe, we have seen our vision take shape and our product become a must-have tool for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This first year has been the beginning of a great adventure, but we know that the best is yet to come. We are committed to continuing to innovate, develop new features, and meet the changing needs of our growing community of users.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our Sportbeeper field experts. These passionate and dedicated individuals are at the heart of our success. They have used the Sportbeeper in their daily sports practice and have been essential ambassadors for our brand. Their testimonials, advice and experiences have been invaluable in guiding other athletes in the optimal use of the Sportbeeper.

And most importantly, we would like to thank each and every one of you, our dear users, for your trust, support and commitment to Sportbeeper. Your feedback inspires and motivates us to continue to improve every day.

On this special occasion, we strongly encourage you to share your own photos or videos of using the Sportbeeper. Your experience is valuable to us and can inspire others in our community to push their limits and reach new heights in their sport.

So, join us in this celebration and share with us your unforgettable moments with the Sportbeeper!And remember, this is just the beginning of a great adventure. Thank you for your continued support and see you soon for further successes with Sportbeeper!

1.Sportbeeper field expert :Georges Gacon

So we’re going to start the presentation of our Sportbeeper field experts with Georges Gacon.
With a CV showing his talent and skills:
+ National middle-distance coach (french athletics federation).
+ Physical trainer:
– Women’s handball: French national team and CDB (Dijon)
– Football: Ligue 1: PSG, OM, FC Nantes, SC Bastia, Rennes / Qatar
+ Inventor of the  45/15 test and the 3.6s step.
+ Designer of SportBeeper and co-designer of SportBeeperPRO.
Thank you Georges.


2.Sportbeeper field expert: Hervé ASSADI

For this week’s Sportbeeper anniversary, we continue our presentation of our Sportbeeper field experts with another great tenor: Hervé Assadi.
+ Professor and doctor in STAPS
+ Mid-distance coach.
He shows us this video: we see Sacha Cultru (800 metre runner, France’s top U23 performer in 2021) doing a 15s15s intermittent strength session. The effort-recovery is paced by the SportBeeper.
Thank you Hervé.


3.Sportbeeper field expert: Olivier MAURELLI

Today is a double birthday. That of Sportbeeper and that of our expert in the field today: Olivier Maurelli.
+ Doctor of science and managing director of PREPAR
+ Physical trainer :
– Karate (French national team)
– Football (Arles Avignon)
– Montpellier Handball
– Cycling AG2R La Mondiale
– Volleyball (French Men’s Team)
– Handball, currently with the French men’s team.
He is currently in Tokyo accompanying the French Handball team.
Thank you Olivier, happy Olympic Games and happy birthday!

Equipe de France de Handball championne olympique avec Olivier Maurelli

French Handball team Olympic champions with Olivier Maurelli





Georges et Frédéric Gacon concepteurs du sportbeeper


Sportbeeper field expert: Nicolas DYON

And we continue our presentation of sportbeeper field experts with a return visit from Nicolas DYON, who has quite a CV as a fitness trainer:
+ Football fitness trainer: with Grasshoppers (Swiss D1) but also with Ligue 1 (Rennes, OGC Nice, ASSE), Swiss D1 (Lugano) and the Middle East (Qatar National Team, Uae fujairah).

“The beeper has been with me on a daily basis since the start of my career. It has become my 1st assistant in the same way as an assistant! I use it mainly in the gym during my strength prevention circuits: it allows me to concentrate on the exercises and the corrections I need to make.
The VMA tests are also extremely useful!

Thank you Nicolas

experts de terrain  Sportbeeper

OGC NICE with Sportbeeper


Sportbeeper field expert: Fabien TISSIER

Today, we bring you images of our field expert Fabien Tissier during a Gacon 45/15 test, as well as indoor use:
+ Football fitness trainer,
+ Since 2016: DFCO / Physical trainer (return of injured Pro players and training centre staff).

Thank you Fabien

Fabien Tissier Sportbeeper

Field experts Fabien TISSIER


Sportbeeper field expert: Frédéric AUBERT

For this anniversary week of Sportbeeper, we’d like to introduce you to another big name in physical preparation: Frédéric Aubert.
+ National Coach at the French Football Federation – Head of Athletic Preparation (2013-2021)
+ Physical trainer for Stade Français Rugby (1997-2004) and the French national team (2003)
+ NTC for the Basketball Federation (2009-2013)
+ Physical trainer for the French senior women’s team (2007-2012) and men’s team (2011-2013).
+ Athletics coach (1976-1997)
+ Professor of Physical Education.
Thank you Frédéric

Frédéric Aubert Sportbeeper

Sportbeeper field experts Frédéric AUBERT



Sportbeeper field expert: Cyrille PINDRAS

We’re continuing with our presentations of our experts in the field to celebrate 1 year of Sportbeeper with Cyrille Pindras today:
+ DEJEPS Handball Sports Development CREPS IDF
+ DUPP Team Sports FSSEP Univ Lille 2
+ Trainer and physical trainer
(specialising in handball and football)
+ Organiser of Lives conferences on physical preparation
+ Consulting Team for SOCCER BI and SPORTBEEPER PRO


Thanks Cyrille



Expert de terrain Sportbeeper : Benjamin GUY

And we’d like to wish a happy birthday to our on-field expert of the day Benjamin Guy.
+ Football physical trainer: in Ligue 1 at Brest, also with DFCO,
+ Currently with Montpellier Hérault Sport Club.

Thank you Benjamin.



Sportbeeper field expert: Alexandre DELLAL

We’re continuing our presentation of our experts in the field to celebrate 1 year of sportbeeper with Alexandre Dellal.
+ Doctor and expert in sports science
+ Recognised scientist with over 70 articles and 12 books published.
+ Physical trainer :
– 2012-2018 OGC NICE (Ligue 1)
– 2010-2012 OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS (Ligue 1)
– 2010 ITTIHAD JEDDAH (Saudi Arabia)
– 2003- 2009 EXTERNAL CONSULTANT for various organisations.
+ Individual support for elite athletes – physical preparation consultant

Thank you Alexandre

Alexandre Dellal avec Sportbeeper

Expert de terrain Sportbeeper Alexandre Dellal



Sportbeeper field expert: Julien LUGIER

Today we introduce you to sportbeeper Julien Lugier.
+ Physical trainer at FC 93 in national 2,
+ Private physical trainer for professional footballers.
“The sportbeeper is a real plus for sessions, and has quickly become indispensable.

Thank you Julien


Expert de terrain sportbeeper Julien Lugier


Sportbeeper field expert : Kevin GUYON

Kevin Guyon is our Sportbeeper field expert today.
+ Physical trainer :
– Basketball: JDA DIJON (Leaders Cup 2020 winner)
– Football
– CEP Gilles COMETTI (2013/2020).
– Physical trainer in charge of injured OM Academy players

Thanks Kevin

Kevin Guyon expert de terrain sportbeeper

Kevin Guyon sportbeeper field expert

Kevin Guyon expert de terrain sportbeeper

Kevin Guyon sportbeeper field expert


Kevin Guyon sportbeeper field expert

Here we present our latest Sportbeeper expert (and not the least) Pierre Terzi.
+ Physical trainer for the French Women’s Handball Team (double World Champion, European Champion, double Bronze Medallist at the European Championships, Olympic vice-champion).
+ Women’s D1 coach (300 league matches),
+ physical trainer at DIJON (JDA) and
+ also a sports teacher.

Thank you Pierre

Vidéo du test navette de l’équipe de Handball France 

Equipe de France de Handball championne olympique avec Pierre Terzi

French Handball team Olympic champions with Pierre Terzi

Sportbeeper Field experts