L'outil idéal pour assurer le pilotage séquentiel et sonore des exercices et dégager ainsi l’entraîneur des fastidieux coups de sifflets, afin qu'il puisse se consacrer exclusivement à l'animation de sa séance sans perdre de vue ses athlètes en action.

Interest and composition of a session with a sport coach
Sport coach

Nowadays,we can noticed that the number of individual coaches is growing considerably.  They used to be reserved for professional or high-level athletes. More and more people are now using an individual sport coach. The sport coach will helps you to achieve your goals. They can be of different types: weight loss, fitness, preparation for a sports competition, etc.

Why use a sports coach

  • At the oppositif of group classes where the number of participants is usally important, here the accompanying  is tailor-made. The professional adapts the training programme according to your objectives. It can vary depending on your shape of the day.
  • Using a sports coach will reduce the risk and number of injuries. Indeed, you adopt the right techniques by positioning yourself correctly thanks to the coach, thus reducing the risk of injury.
  • The results will be faster than if you train alone. The coach will help you to go beyond your limits 
  • The coach can also advise you on nutrition.

What can a session with a sports coach involve?

  • Muscle strengthening exercises: sheathing, squat, chair … these are all exercises aimed at increasing muscle strength. They are particularly useful during the physical preparation or rehabilitation phase.
  • Endurance: It is essential to establish the aerobic bases that will allow our athletes to digest the load of the summer preparation but also that during the whole season. To do this, it is advisable to carry out sessions that are not very intense but which last over time by using the aerobic system (jogging, fartlek, split, intermittent, etc.). These exercises can be performed with the Sportbeeper Pro.
  • Circuit training: Circuit training is a training method that consists of linking several exercises one after the other with little or no recovery time.
  • Strength training exercises with or without loads
Sport coach