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Test Taisa

In this article we will discuss the TAISA test. These abbreviations stand for Test Aérobie Intermittent Spécifique Arbitre (Specific Intermittent Aerobic Test for Referees) and as the name suggests, it is mainly carried out by referees. It is a physical test for referees. It was created in 2016 by the Technical Direction of Refereeing

Some statistics on referees

  • Referees travel on average between 7 and 11 km per match.
  • About 150 accelerations per match
  • Most of their decisions are made when their maximum heart rate is between 95% and 100%.


Materials needed for the TAISA test :



Conduct of the test

This is an intermittent test. Indeed, the referees have to perform a certain number of accelerations (between 30 and 40) within a given time (15 seconds or 17 seconds). The distance also varies between 75 and 64 metres, as does the recovery time between 20 and 22 seconds. These variations change depending on the refereeing category. The referee performs many short-distance sprints with little recovery time during a match. This intermittent test then comes very close to a match situation.

The referees must cross the line before the end of each sequence, which is indicated by an acoustic signal. To approve the test, the referees must validate the number of repetitions of the distance indicated in the time mentioned. If the participant has not placed his foot on the line at the time of the sound signal, he receives a warning. After two, the test is over for him and will not be validated.


Information : A referee may move down a category during the test. He will then validate the category below his own. Once downgraded to the lower category, the referee cannot go back up to his category.

This test can be taken by a large number of referees at the same time. Thus, any level of referee can perform the TAISA test at the same time.

The Sportbeeper Pro is the ideal tool for performing this TAISA test as you can set it up by walking through the Sportbeeper Pro intermittent menu.